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Why vote for Cindy Lake?

  • Cindy is an outsider, not a career politician
  • Cindy supports, will uphold and respects The Constitution
  • Cindy supports individual rights
  • Because it's YOUR money
  • Cindy is a grassroots activist and candidate
  • Cindy supports small business
  • Cindy votes less regulation
  • Cindy votes lower taxes
  • Cindy holds representatives accountable
  • Cindy votes with the people's interest, not special interests
  • Cindy is endorsed and supported by average citizens
  • Cindy is not politics as usual
  • Cindy will be fair to all
  • Cindy will publish all of her votes online before and after the meetings
  • Cindy has volunteered for years as a citizen activist to fight for limited government, more personal liberties and individual rights.  
  • Cindy ran for Clark County Commission G in 2014 and came closest in Clark County history to unseating a well-funded career politician, having spent less than $18,000 to her opponent's one million dollars.
  • Cindy Lake is a proven and true fiscal conservative.
  • Cindy is committed to making your voice heard on The Clark County Commission and believes Clark County government must use your tax dollars responsibly. 
  • Cindy will vote to change meetings from AM to PM so more may attend.
  • Because it's YOUR money
  • The growing appetite of larger, more expensive and expansive government must be checked. 
  • Cindy will always vote with your best interest in mind, not for special interests. 

People are tired of politics as usual.

Clark County has a 7 BILLION DOLLAR BUDGET and should be able to fund all essential county business without ever raising another tax or fee!

As a resident of Clark County Commission G for almost 30 years, Cindy knows which issues are important to you and the kind of representation WE deserve. If you share her vision, please connect with her, and help Cindy Lake get elected! 

Together, we can make a meaningful difference-- for our families, for Clark County.

Because it's YOUR money. 

  • Lives and works here for 30 years,
  • ​Married 32 years to Jay, recently retired union member and AirForce employee. They have four children and two grandchildren. Three older children attended CCSD schools, the youngest is home-schooled​,
  • ​Believes that all government officials must be held accountable,
  • ​Works with all political parties to support principles and goals,
  • Attends Clark County Commission meetings and has testified on many community concerns,
  • ​Is a leader and organizer in our community creating dedicated groups and leading organizations and efforts to make our local government better,
  • ​Is a Businesswoman for 23 years and member of Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors,
  • ​Works with many volunteer organizations such as  Southern Nevada Watchdogs  and with  Nevada legislators.

    Cindy's efforts have been effective and recognized  by numerous awards including the Chamber of Commerce.

    Cindy has worked on many local issues including:
  • ​The "More Cops Tax" demanding an  audit before raising taxes
  • Fuel Indexing , increases pay off debt from previous increases
  • Opposing public financing of stadiums
  • ​Protecting our privacy against aerial drones
  • ​Opposing federal takeover of our schools 
  • Property Rights
  • Water Quality 

 "The same prudence which in private life would forbid our paying our own money for unexplained projects, forbids it in the dispensation of the public moneys." —Thomas Jefferson (1808)