Testimonials, Endorsements and Ratings


"Jim  Gibson is a close family friend, great guy, and I worked on his  gubernatorial campaign, but I’m convinced that you are the best choice  for my district. Mr. Gibson sometimes does things that are politically  expedient over the right thing. I know you will always do the right  thing for a right and principled reason." 

-Stephen Stubbs, Attorney at Law 


"I'm  a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I love  freedom!  A vote for Cindy Lake is a vote for freedom!  She will be your  voice  and is not beholden to political elite or special interests  other than Commission G constituents.  She will work hard for you!"-Sally Minster

"To The Independent Voters of Clark County:"

Fellow Independent:
It is with great pleasure, and honor that I submit to you our support for Cindy Lake for Clark County Commission G.
Cindy has been a great friend of the independent minded voter, and has worked time and time again to advance the goals of the people of Clark County without the entanglement of party politics or the quid-pro-quo that has become the common form of governance within our community. Cindy’s respect for the people of Clark County, and her independent mind set make her a welcome candidate in a sea of partisan bickering, and entrenched positions.
In November, when it's time to go to the polls and select your representative, make sure it’s one that works for you, and remembers that the people, and their consent, are the source of the power of government.
On November 6th 2018, Vote for Cindy Lake for Clark County Commission G.
Yours in Liberty,
Warren R. Markowitz, Chairman Clark County Independent American Party'

"Cindy Lake prides herself on being a uniter and not a divider and when tackling the tough issues, she believes in transparency. Fiscally responsible, she wants to halt runaway tax dollar spending and supports auditing of any entity that receives taxpayer monies. I think it's about time! We need her for Clark County Commission G. 

-Dr. James Heltzel

"We live in some very interesting times.
Technology has given all of us access that would have been unimaginable to previous generations.
The knowledge of human civilization, its science, its history, its arts and cultures are held in the palms of our hands.
This is power.
Government also has access to this power, and the resources to take advantage of it in some very big and scary ways.
There are two ways to approach the problem of abuse of power.
We can fight to stop the advance of science and technology so that governments cannot use it against us.
Or we can fight to limit the authority of government, the scope of  their powers, and the money they can spend in order to prevent, or at  least limit their ability to practice such abuses.
I have always been an advocate for the second option.
The technologies offer us services we desire, advantages that make our lives better.
The technologies aren't the problem.
Government abuse is.
The fight can seem impossible.
It IS a big mountain to climb.
We cannot reach the peak unless we begin climbing.
In Clark County Nevada the County Commission is one of the most powerful government entities we have.
It has been controlled by one political party for a very long time.
This means there has been little, or no argument about wielding that  power, about spending that money, about how the county should operate.
No matter your political leanings, don't you think one of the most  powerful bodies in local politics should have more than one voice?
A voice speaking for the rights of individuals, speaking for limits on government, speaking for fiscal restraint?
Cindy Lake is that voice. Clear, dedicated, and honest.
A vote for Cindy Lake is a vote for people over bureaucracies.
A vote for Cindy Lake is a vote for individual rights over government abuse of power.
A vote for Cindy Lake is a vote that just might turn us back toward a path of human growth, rather than government growth.
Please vote for Cindy Lake for Clark County Commission District G to  make our world a place where human dignity is valued over bureaucracy.
Thank you!"

-Mike McFadden, Concerned Citizen  

"Cindy Lake has worked for years as a citizen to fight for limited government and more personal liberties. She has also been a great supporter of mine. I am proud to endorse Cindy Lake for the Clark County Commission in District G."-Dr. Ron Paul   

"Governments from local to Federal need to be Servants of the people, and not the other way around. Cindy Lake understands this and will support the citizens while holding Clark County government accountable and fiscally responsible."

- Dr. Shelly O'Connor DC   

"Good government is not rocket science, it is limited, transparent, and accountable to the people.  But to get it you must elect people who believe in these principles on the rare occasions they run for office.  Don’t waste the chance, vote for Cindy Lake!" 

-Pat Kerby, Film Maker and Business Owner   

"A vote for Cindy Lake is a vote to restore sanity in the Clark County Commission, a woman who will say no to new taxes and support the reduction of government in our lives."
Diana Orrock   

 "As young leaders on campus we strive to exemplify the values we see in our community, leaders like those of Cindy Lake. That is why I am proud to endorse Cindy Lake for the Board of Clark County Commissioners District G. Her dedication to our state and our values make her an obvious choice to represent the voters of District G."

-Bryan Baltazar-Former Chairman
College Republican Federation of Nevada