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Important Issues

Seniors and Veterans

Cindy is proposing an exemption for Senior Citizens and Veterans from  the threat of foreclosure for unpaid property taxes. 

Accountability, Transparency, Fiscal Responsibility.
We elect representatives and trust them to be good stewards of our tax dollars, their role is to protect the rights of all citizens in Clark County, not to pick winners and losers or do special favors for a select few based on who donates the most, while enriching themselves.


With Cindy as Commissioner, every resident of Clark County will be treated fairly and enjoy the same opportunities as anyone else. No special favors, no special interests. 

One party has controlled Clark County government for a decade! They have only one policy; to expand the size and scope of our Clark County government with higher taxes, more fees, more regulations and more special favors to cronies. Say NO MORE and vote Cindy Lake. Because it's YOUR money.


As evidenced by so many recent elections, people are tired of politics as usual and a vote for Cindy Lake for Clark County Commission G is a vote for real change and for far better representation.

Accountability, Transparency, Fiscal Responsibility

Small business entry and ownership must be easier with no roadblocks. Cindy will find ways to reduce license fees, regulations and burdens to business so that small business may be allowed to compete and thrive. No more special favors, no more picking winners and losers. Government should never compete with private business.


Cindy is calling for a five year moratorium on business license fees and certain taxes for all new and existing small businesses in Clark County. 

Occupational Licenses are a barrier to employment. Many are unnecessary and burdensome. Cindy will make it easier for those who want to work to be able to.

Debt expenditures (bonding) on recreational facilities and stadiums stop when Cindy votes NO. Borrowing against future tax increases stops. 

Wasteful spending stops. Cindy will vote to audit every agency and project funded by taxpayer dollars.

Water and Air

Water quality and availability is of the utmost concern to each and every one of us. Cindy will ensure we are getting all the facts and make adjustments to current water and air policy as necessary.

Safety-Cindy is a strong 2nd Amendment proponent and rated "A" by Nevada Firearms Coalition. As such, she will advocate that every law abiding citizen carry and become partners with Metro. Cindy is calling for an end to all gun free zones and will always protect and defend our rights as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment and Nevada Constitutions.

Homelessness- An exploding problem with many causes; our cost of living is sky high and rising, both legal and illegal drugs are too readily available, many homeless have criminal records with nobody to hire them and families are broken and are no longer a safety net. The county must provide shelter first, we can find the resources, then identify needed services and employment. Cindy's approach is to incentivize private businesses who will train and hire the homeless and partner with all the charities that are doing good work. Homeless veterans must be made aware of and provided with the services available to them by the Federal Government.

Transparency and accountability for all.

Meetings are currently held Tuesdays at 9AM. More of us would be able to attend evening meetings. Cindy will call for a time change. Additionally, each and every one of Cindy's votes will be published online, before and after the meetings.

Fiscal Responsibility-we must stop borrowing against the future.

The Clark County Commission oversees the work of many organizations and agencies that keep all of Clark  County and District G, Henderson, Boulder City, Las Vegas safe and operating.  Among the agencies The Commission presides over are University Medical Center, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the Regional Transportation Commission, the Las Vegas Water District, the Regional Flood Control District, the Southern Nevada Health District, and Clark County Aviation and Southern Nevada Water District.  The Commission also approves zoning and licenses for liquor and marijuana dispensaries and other business and services in Clark County.  The Commission is entrusted with the appropriation of the $7 billion budget that ensures the operation of these services and agencies. 

As your Commissioner, Cindy will ensure every penny of the 7 billion dollar taxpayer funded budget is spent wisely and look for ways to cut spending without ever reducing necessary services.

When you elect Cindy Lake for Clark County Commission G, she will represent YOU and your interests, NOT special interests. 

Fairness, not favors.
More freedom, less government.