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Cindy Lake for Clark County Commission G

About Cindy

In her 2014 run for Clark County Commission G, Cindy came closest in Nevada history to unseating a well-funded, career politician, spending just $18,000 to her then opponent's ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Cindy lost by  <1% just 1036 votes, which means if 519 voters had been more aware, Cindy would have won! Is it fiscally responsible of a candidate to spend $982,000 for 519 votes? The way these career politicians spend their donor's money is the same way they spend taxpayer money, irresponsibly and flagrantly.

Cindy's donations came from small donors while her then opponent's came from special interest groups, casinos and developers. Cindy's new opponent will receive donations from most of the same political power players who are counting on politics as usual.

Cindy's opponent was asked to run for governor in 2006. Here's why he lost:


With a little more help and awareness from you, We The People can take our rightful seat and reign in our bloated local government.


Cindy has been married for 32 years, is the mother of four children and grandmother of two.  She has lived in District G since 1988.  While very busy, she has always found a way to balance her family life, work life and political activism, homeschooling her youngest child, teaching a Civics course that she developed and working as a Realtor and Real Estate Investor.  Cindy also works hard volunteering as a political activist against high taxation and wasteful spending in Clark County.  Cindy is considered a leader in many and varied political circles and was elected and served as a Chairman of the Clark County Republican Party representing 250,000 registered Clark County Republicans. 

Role of the County Commission

The Clark County Commission oversees the work and budgets of many county organizations and agencies that keep Clark County safe and in operation.  Among the agencies the Commission presides over are University Medical Center, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the Regional Transportation Commission, the Las Vegas Water District, the Regional Flood Control District, the Southern Nevada Health District, and Clark County Dept. of Aviation.  The Commission also approves zoning and licenses for liquor, marijuana and other business and services in Clark County.  The Commission is entrusted with the appropriation  of the Seven Billion Dollar budget that ensures the operation of these services and agencies.

Clark County's budget is one billion dollars higher than San Diego County's with a million fewer residents and the budget does not include CCSD.

Our county government spending must be reigned in!

As Commissioner, Cindy will ensure every penny of the Seven Billion Dollar taxpayer funded budget is spent wisely.

Raving Fans

Cindy has been successful as a Realtor, having attained her e-Pro and ABR designations as well as receiving many awards over her 20 year career including several Better Business Bureau awards.  Most of her business is repeat and referral because of her commitment to excellence, her clients trust her with their largest investments.

When Cindy ran for Clark County Commission  in 2014 nearly 30,000 people voted for her, bringing Cindy closest in history to unseating a well-funded, career politician who spent one million dollars vs. Cindy's spending less than $20,000!


In 2012 while Chairman of the Clark County Republican Party, she proudly served as a delegate to the Republican National Convention representing Nevada and as one of only two from each state to serve on The Rules Committee. At the national level, the Rules Committee is formed to ensure a fair presidential nomination process.

Cindy has a vast social network with more than 5,000 friends and fans on Facebook. People from all over the country look to Cindy for sage political advice and discourse.

 "The same prudence which in private life would forbid our paying our own money for unexplained projects, forbids it in the dispensation of the public moneys." —Thomas Jefferson (1808) 

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All politics is local, the most important way to make a difference is to get involved locally. Cindy wants to help you have your voice heard. 

Cindy Lake for Clark County Commission G

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